Problem Water

Problem water is what you might call a household water supply that's filled with contaminants like lead, uranium, manganese, or even just "hard water." Many homes will have problem water that can be treated with the right conditioner or filtration solution from Aerus.


The AR100 removes the presence of arsenic in water. Homes in areas with arsenic-rich bedrock that rely on private well water are often exposed to higher levels of arsenic than normal.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Aerus Ceramic Core control valve for dependable, trouble-free service
  • NSF approved adsorptive filter media to reduce arsenic, lead, and other trace elements
  • Digital metered controls to mitigate wastewater and offer flexible backwash programming
  • Component construction designed to resist corrosion and excessive wear Dependable performance under a wide pH range
  • Effective on both species of arsenic (As+3 and As+5)
  • Offers very modest operation costs with no expensive chemicals to buy

Signs an Arsenic Filter is Needed
  • Unfortunately, arsenic usually goes undetected. Testing is needed.


The C150 is a water conditioner and pH Neutralizer that addresses high levels of acidity often found in water. Acidic water conditions can cause contaminants to be leached from pipes and end up in your drinking water.

Features and Benefits:

  • Metered controls ensure the reduction of wastewater
  • Digital control valve with LED display offers operational flexibility
  • Ceramic core technology for smooth, trouble-free valve operation
  • Raises the pH an alkalinity of the water making it more "plumbing friendly"
  • Fully automatic, care-free operation
  • User friendly controller programming
  • Robust construction ensures that the C150 Neutralizer needs be inspected once a year


The ISM200 is a whole house filter that removes iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese from private well water. Well water with these naturally occurring elements is often trademarked by red staining, rotten egg smell, and/or black staining.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dependable oxidation media with the flexibility to operate either with or without chemicals for maximum performance
  • Digitally metered controls to ensure that wastewater is kept to a minimum
  • Flexible cycle controls for efficient and effective operation
  • Robust Ceramic Core valve construction for trouble free performance even in corrosive water
  • Capable of air draw or chlorine assist operation offering greater oxidation potential
  • Reduces (≥95%) iron levels to prevent red staining on surfaces and fixtures
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide levels to prevent rotten egg odors
  • Reduces (≥99%) manganese levels to reduce black staining
  • Automatic function offers "hands free" operation


The T150 removes Tannins from your water supply and helps improve the color, taste, and even smell of your water supply. Tannins are often found in particularly wet regions where lakes, swamps, or other bodies of water are close to your home.

Features and Benefits:

  • Uses advanced metering technology, making the unit less expensive to operate
  • Full digital controller with large LCD display is in command through all stages of treatment, adjusting in response to changes in water usage
  • Calendar override can be set regenerate on specific dates
  • Components are constructed from materials that withstand corrosion and wear
  • Removes tannins from water supply
  • Improves the clarity and taste of drinking water
  • Reduces odors commonly associated with tannins